5 Minute Kids Activities

It isn’t difficult to come up with plans for the 5 Minute Kids program. The difficulty comes at keeping the activities to just 5 minutes. In the beginning I didn’t set a timer for each session and I wasn’t able to fit all of my students into the time block that I set aside for that grade. I was losing planning time because I had to go back on my planning and make up the students I missed. I discovered after reviewing my Medicaid forms that the sessions were lasting longer than what they should. I wanted to make sure my students felt special and that they had my attention during their sessions but I was afraid the timer seemed impersonable. To make the program work I had to use the timer. I was able to keep the personal side of therapy with our conversations at the beginning and end of therapy. Once my students and I got used to the timer, it just became notification that therapy was over.

Since the program is based on drill practice, I needed to incorporate fun drill activities. Some days were more exciting than others but they focused on drill activities. Here is a list of some resources I used during 5 minute kids therapy:
Artic Cards
Awesome Artic Workbooks by Super Duper
Say and Do Rebus Stories by Super Duper
What’s Different? Artic Scenes by Super Duper
Seasonal Artic Word Searches by Super Duper
Double Dice Articulation Sheets by Speech Corner
SPARC R and S by Linguisystems
5 Minute Therapy Books at Speech Corner

This a short list of resources I used this past year. I also used TPT products from several therapist that were perfect for card games or board games in drill therapy.

One fun game that is included in the 5 Minute Kids Manual is called ZING!. My students loved playing this game over and over. Below is a picture of what my ZING! game looked like.

I used a cup that you can insert an image into. I used a word cloud program to create my ZING! design. I wrote on one end of a popsicle stick a target word. I used about 20 different target words for each group. I made different groups of sticks for the words in the different positions and for each different sound my students were working on. Then I added 3 sticks with the word ZING! on it to each bundle of sticks. To play you place all of the popsicle sticks word side down in the cup. Take turns pulling sticks and either saying the word or using it in a sentence depending on the student’s level. If you pull a ZING! stick then all of your sticks go back in. Whoever has the most sticks when the timer goes off wins. I have the students say the word on the sticks I pull as well for extra practice. Easy game but great drill practice. As we are playing I use Percentally by Eric Sailers to keep data on their productions.

I will share more activities that I do during 5 Minute Kids therapy including what activities I have used when I target conversational speech in upcoming post. Make sure you continue to check back regularly for more information on the 5 Minute Kids program.

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