An “appy” week of therapy!

iPad’s have changed the way students can practice their skills during therapy. I don’t use the iPad with my students at every session but I do try to incorporate the device at least every two weeks. I think it is a great way to keep students’ interest when they may be practicing skills that they have been targeting for a while. Today I am sharing with you the apps I am using this “appy” week in therapy to keep my students motivated to learn!


This app is great for targeting articulation, phonological processes, and multisyllable production in a fun way. This week we are using the Halloween background to practice target words or sentences. Once the students make the number of productions I want then they can select to play “matching” or “guess what” within the app. Here is the link to get more information about this great app by Smarty Ears.


After reviewing the students baseline results I realized that many had trouble building sentences so we have been practicing using “Colorful (coulourful) Semantics” to build sentences. If you want to learn more about this process check out this link and this one too. Rainbow Sentences by Mobile Education will be helpful this week in assisting students to practice organizing sentences about a given picture. The app has three levels and color coding can be turned on or off. Here is the link to get more information about this app.


A few other students are working on identifying the meaning of words through context clues. I found this great app to practice this skill this week. I like how you can target according to grade level and also how the context clues are highlighted upon request. It will be great to help the students understand if they are finding the correct clues. Here is the link to find the app.

This is two different apps that I will be using with some of my higher level students to practice matching antonyms and synonyms. The apps give you the option of multiple players as well as different levels. Level 2 is a little challenging for my 4-5th graders but might be great for middle/high school students.Here is the link to find the Winning Words Synonym & Winning Words Antonym apps on iTunes.


I am using this app to practice antonyms and synonyms as well but this one is for my more language challenged students. It has a variety of ways to practice the skill from flash cards, matching, memory game, and sentences. I am using grades 1st-2nd for my students to practice with. Here is the link for Abitalk app.


A couple of my students are working on building vocabulary and word relationships. This week we are practicing those skills using World’s Worst Pet Vocabulary. It is a fun game that practices vocabulary with antonyms, synonyms, think alikes, and more. This is a must download for your app library. Find the link here.

I hope you find this list of apps helpful when you are planning your next session and want to incorporate the iPad.  Please share below apps that you have found helpful when targeting these skills. I would love to hear about your faves. Have an “appy” day!!

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