App Review: Learning Verbs

I was offered a code to download Learning Verbs by Language Concepts in exchange for my honest review of this app. The target of this app is focusing on identifying action verbs.



The opening screen allows the user to select all or specific cards from the 22 available.
The user can also customize the app by selecting whether or not text will be displayed, audio will be used, or if feedback will be given. The users can also determine how many cards are displayed per round (1-4 cards).

An additional feature of Learning Verbs is the ability to add your own cards. By scrolling to the bottom of the available cards screen you can touch a card that says “Add a card”. This feature is a nice bonus to customize the app to your client’s needs. This feature can work well with adults and children since their action verbs may look different then the ones displayed.
By selecting PLAY at the top of the opening screen the activity will begin. A user can adjust the settings from within the activity by selecting the gear in the upper corner or end the activity when they choose. The prompt “show me” is given before each picture. The client can select the correct picture by touching it. Here are some examples of the display variations available.
IMG_0899 IMG_0900 IMG_0898 IMG_0895

Here is an example of the feedback feature in use:


What I like about this app:

  •  I like the simplicity of this app. There are not a lot of background distractions. The background is white so the photographs can be clearly viewed.
  • This app can be helpful in building knowledge of verb vocabulary starting off simple with 1 picture and building to selecting a picture from a field of 4.
  • This app has a variety of functions. Once a client selects a picture they can be prompted to generate a complete sentence using that verb. A client can also work on verb tenses as well by saying past, and future tense of the verb shown.
  • The ability to add your own personalized cards is a nice feature that many apps do not have the capability to include.

What I would like to see improved:

  •  I wish the app came with the ability to track a client’s progress from within so if they select an incorrect picture it can be counted incorrect and you can select whether to move to the next slide or manually advance.
  • The price seems high for what is included in this app. There are several available apps that offer similar lessons that are $.99 or FREE. More pictures and more features would justify a higher price tag.

I would like to thank Language Concepts for allowing me the opportunity to review this app. Learning Verbs by Language Concepts is available through iTunes for $2.99. Click here to access the app in iTunes store. My opinion is that the price of this app is high but it does have some nice features and the clean display is nice. I like the use of photographs versus line drawings but I wish there were more to choose from.
Disclaimer: A copy of this app was provided to me for my review. No other compensation was provided and the opinions are mine.

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