App Review: Outloud Timer 2


Many of the students I work with have trouble understanding time so visual timers have been very helpful. I have used Children’s Countdown and Time Timer in the past with much success. I recently was introduced to a new type of visual timer that allows students to have some control. This new app is called Outloud Timer 2 from the developer Outloud.


When you open the app you are given the choice to chose seconds or minutes timer and the amount of time by sliding the bar. The minutes timer goes up to 60 minutes and the seconds timer goes up to 60 seconds.


Also on this screen you can touch the blue circle with an “i” to get more information about the app and detailed instructions on how to use it.


Once you have set the timer push the number button (length of timer) to go to the next screen. The client then moves their finger around the screen to draw the route of the penguin. Once the client lifts their finger the timer starts. The timer can be paused by touching the screen and unpaused by touching again.


As he walks on the path he leaves footprints behind him. His destination is the fair. Once he reaches his destination an audible clap is played and stars fill the screen.


What I like about this app

  • This app allows students who like to be in control the opportunity to make the penguin’s path.
  • The fun character helps student’s visualize how much time is remaining in a session or activity.
  • I like that it gives the option of not only minutes but seconds as well and that it is easy to adjust.
  • The screen is not distracting and students can easily see the penguins progress at a glance.
  • A small bar is displayed at the bottom of the scene as well to help countdown the time remaining. This is nice if you want to stop at different intervals.

What I would like to see improved

  • I wish their were more scenes for the penguin to walk through or different characters to select.
  • I also would like other options for the final timer noise instead of the clapping. Verbal reinforcement could be an option.

I used this app with a student who likes to control the timer every session and he must be the one to start and stop my kitchen timer that I carry. I showed him this app before the activity and told him to draw the penguin’s path. When the penguin stops at the end of the path his time is done. Throughout the 5 minute session he would glance at the screen and say “almost done”. It was not a distraction from the activity but I feel it helped him relax and understand how much time was left in the session.

I would recommend this app for those who have client’s that need a visual timer. Often giving them the control of the timer can make a session go smoother. Outloud Timer 2 is available through iTunes at this link for $2.99. I think the current price is high since only one scene and character is available within the app. If it is updated in the future with more content then it would be worth it.

Outloud has given me two app codes to give away through Rafflecopter. Please enter below.

Disclaimer: A copy of this app was provided to me for my review. No other compensation was provided and the opinions are mine.
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