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An easy way to help students expand their utterances is to have them add prepositions to their sentences but many students struggle to know how to use the correctly and understand the various meanings of prepositions. One of the newest apps by Smarty Ears, a favorite SLP app developer, is PrepPosition. Continue to read my detailed app review below.


Once the main screen appears on the app you can Select Players or view Report Cards. Also there is a question mark in the upper right corner that displays a variety of options including Back-up to iTunes and Restore from iTunes. This area is protected with a subtraction problem so students can not access easily.


To get started the next step will be to add students once you touch Select Player. It is very easy to add/delete/modify players and their difficulty levels on this screen.


You can adjust settings on this screen as well by touching the gear in the upper right corner or the settings can be adjusted once the activity is started as well. If you want to adjust settings within the app the gear is in the upper left corner.


Tap the player or players that you want to participate in the activity. Push the PLAY button in the bottom right corner to start the activity. First the app will prompt you to Select or Adjust Levels for each player. It is easy to adjust the levels based on the student’s needs.


Select Start in the upper right corner once you are ready to begin. Students are presented with a photograph (not drawing), a sentence, and three preposition choices. If you would like to eliminate one choice you can touch the small question mark in the lower right corner.


The student drags the word to the blank in the sentence and is verbally rewarded for their correct response (if that feature is active). It is then the next players turn. Balls for the in app game are given after so many trials. Default is one ball after every correct trials without using the hint.


After 10 trials the app ask if the student needs to continue this level or more to the next level.


When the session is nearing the end the SLP can tap the Home button in the upper right corner to allow the students to play the game with the balls they have earned. The object of the game is to shoot the ball the farthest by touching the launch button at the right time.

IMG_0962 IMG_0961

An additional feature of Smarty Ears apps are the ability to view the student’s progress and email it to print.


What I like about this app:

  • I love the use of photographs for the picture prompts for each card. The are clearly related to the sentence and can assist the student in understanding the sentence.
  • I like the variety of settings so the app can be customized to the individual student including how many rewards between trials to turning the audio on or off for reading the phrase.
  • I like that the phrase can be read to nonreaders so that they can confidently answer with minimal assistance.
  • This app has 15 levels which is a huge amount for most apps. That allows a mixed group to be customized for each individual.
  • Students get bored with card drill on some apps but the addition of a game to reward them for correct responses is a great feature of this app.
  • Of course like with most Smarty Ears apps they value data collection and reporting. This app is no different and can be used along with the Therapy Report Center app. 

What I would like to see improved:

  • It is hard to find faults with an app that contains so many levels and so many great cards to practice. The one fault is the price. The app is available on iTunes for $19.99. This is slightly high for an SLPs budget but this app does contain a lot of content and has the ability to track progress.

I would like to thank Smarty Ears for allowing me the opportunity to review this app. PrepPosition by Smarty Ears is available through iTunes for $19.99. Click here to access the app in iTunes store. My opinion is that the price of this app is high but it does have an included reward game, photograph prompts, and 15 levels so that it can be customized to the individual student.
Disclaimer: A copy of this app was provided to me for my review. No other compensation was provided and the opinions are mine.

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