App Review: Social Detective Intermediate

Social/pragmatic disorders are often a difficult skill to target in speech therapy. It is hard to mimic real life situations in a therapy/classroom environment. Students who have social/pragmatic disorder need to be exposed to a large variety of social situations in a different environments. Social Detective Intermediate by Social Skill Builder, Inc. is the next in the series of Social Detective apps to be used in conjunction with the book “You are a Social Detective” by Michelle Garcia Winner and Pamela Crooke. This review will give you a detailed look at the app with a chance to win a code to download the app at the end of the post.


When the user opens the app they are greeted with a song about Becoming a Social Detective and the tools you will need. After the song is completed the user will select whether to Find out about Social Detective or Skip and Play Now. If the user selects Find out about Social Detective they will be brought to a screen that describes the app and its relationship to the book as well as the terms that are used throughout the app.

Once the user is ready to begin playing the app they will be prompted by a voice to select an avatar and enter their name. Once this task is complete the user is prompted to select the Notebook to begin.

When a user first plays this app they will view a story about becoming a social detective to introduce the vocabulary that will be used like “Thought”, “Emotion”, and “Smart Guess” to the user. Once they listen to the short story then they will view a video with real actors and answer questions about the three terms. The user must answer the three question in the Pretest to move to the next video.

After every video the user is given three questions to answer about the video using each vocabulary terms. The voice in the app instructs the user to drag the answer to the correct location.

After the user answers all question for a video, the previous answers are displayed which allows an opportunity to discuss the scene further.

After a few videos a bar is displayed showing the user’s progress towards becoming a Social Detective.

Once the user completes the questions in the Notebook section they can then move to the Flashlight section on the main page. The Flashlight section starts with another pretest. The question in this section relate to what the character in the video sees or hears to help them make a smart guess, what is the character thinking to make a smart guess, and does the character have a plan and what will happen next. The Flashlight section also contains more choices and many have multiple answers.

When a user completes all of the questions in both sections you can review their scores. The app will save the last five times the user played in each level. This information can be emailed to teachers, parents, or SLPs as well.

The user can go back and replay any levels once all questions have been completed.

What I like about this app:

  • I love the real videos. I think this would be easier for users to relate too versus cartoon videos that many apps have.
  • I like the way it is connected to the Social Thinking program and can be used to check users understanding of the concepts.
  • There are a large amount of questions for the user to practice their skills.
  • The videos show both expected and unexpected behaviors which is nice to demonstrate how users should react to a situation.
  • I like that you can inform parents and teachers with how the user is doing through email.
  • This is a great app to help students understand other’s perspectives and feelings which can be challenging for those with social/pragmatic disorders.
  • This app is great to use with non-readers because a voice reads the questions and answers and guides the user on what to touch next.

What I would like to see improved:

  • I would like to see more videos related to school situations. Some suggestions may be situations in assemblies, lunch room, and hallways.

I look forward to using this app with several of my students next school year. I think they will enjoy the questions and videos. I trialed it with my daughter and she wanted to continue playing it and didn’t want to stop. Anytime you can have students view situations that is a helpful resource for learning. It helps them understand it better than just explaining it.

I would recommend this app for users with social/pragmatic disorders. The app is available on iTunes for $24.99. I feel the price is a little high but you do get a lot of practice videos and questions within the app. If you have a large number of students with social/pragmatic disorders on your caseload it would be a good investment. This is the intermediate level version of the app but there is a beginning version as well if you are working with a younger population.

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Disclaimer: A copy of this app was provided to me for my review. No other compensation was provided and the opinions are mine.

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