App Review: What’s the pic? Artic


I love using the iPad in therapy sessions. Adding new apps keeps drill sessions fresh. Home Speech Home has a new app for articulation drill practice. The app is titled What’s the pic? Artic. I have used the app in therapy several times and here is my detailed review.


The basis of the app is to reveal a hidden picture by practicing the target words. A unique feature of the app is the ability for the user to use sound activation to reveal the picture. When the user says a word the star is filled at the bottom and once the stars are filled a section of the picture is revealed. The app is not able to identify if a word is produced correct or incorrect. The word will not change until the productions are marked correct or incorrect.

When you open up the app the user is given three options: settings, play, or report. Here is a screenshot of the settings page where you can turn off or on the sound activation as well as rate the app on iTunes.


Once the user pushes the “Play” button in the middle players can be added or selected. Up to six players can be selected. A picture or avatar can be added to the users profile within the app. Select done once all of the players have been selected.


On the next page you will select and download the word list that are to be targeted during the session. Once they are downloaded for each player click “play” in the bottom right corner to begin playing.


The app will display a picture for the player to name. The amount of productions needed to reveal part of the picture will vary. Once the player has produced all of the required words and it has been indicated correct or incorrect production by touching the green check mark (correct) or the red X (incorrect) an object is taken away to begin to show the picture underneath. The next player will then take a turn.


Once enough of the picture is revealed a player can take a guess by tapping the “What’s the pic?” button at the bottom of the page. If the guess is incorrect then the player cannot take another guess until they practice another set of words and the stars are filled.


By clicking on the notepad on the main screen you can review the student’s results and progress. The app allows you to email the results as well.


What I like about this app:

  • I like that the app allows for drill practice which is perfect for 5 minute therapy.
  • I also like that the app works in group sessions as well with the ability to add up to 6 players. This makes it easy to work in a group and target different goals.
  • Another great feature is the ability to track a students progress and email the results.
  • The app can be adapted for students working on different levels by having them use carrier phrases or make sentences for the words on the screen.

What I would like to see improved:

  • Occasionally in the app a picture is not available to be displayed with the word. I am not sure if it was a download issue or if one is not in the app. I would like to see pictures for all of the words presented especially for the non-readers.
  • The pictures are hard to guess. Several times the words that we guessed were incorrect. Even when we revealed the hint which shows the amount for letters in the word we had trouble guessing the picture. It would be nice if the pictures were more common nouns.
  • I did not like the sound activation feature because it is very sensitive. Every bump or outside sound was marked as a response on the app. I turned the feature off and used the check mark and X to track productions which light up the stars  as well. If you work in a quieter environment and you are working with a student that can sit still during a session it will work well but not in my busy location.

I would like to thank Luke from Home Speech Home for allowing me the opportunity to review this app. What’s the pic? Artic from Home Speech Home is available through iTunes for $2.99. Click here to download the app in the app store. My opinion is that the app is a good buy with great practice for drill based therapy. It can be adapted easily for students at varying levels and is great in group therapy as well.

Disclaimer: A copy of this app was provided to me for my review. No other compensation was provided and the opinions are mine.

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