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I reviewed Word Vault Pro two years ago but since then it has had a MAJOR face lift. Simply put this app covers everything you need in a day’s worth of speech therapy. Luke and Hollie, married SLPs, are the founders of Home Speech Home and the creators of this app. It is obvious from the ease and functionality of this app that it was developed by SLPs who understand what we need to provide efficient and effective therapy. Please click the Original App Review link to see the dramatic changes and upgrades that have been done to Word Vault Pro.



When you open the app you can select one of four target areas: articulation, language, phonology, and social. The Menu is also available on the opening screen.

We will start this app review: Word Vault Pro by discovering all the new features that are available in the Menu.


The Menu bar slides out from the side of the screen. From the Menu you can switch to another target area, set up client profiles, add your own list, and explore more apps by Home Speech Home. Also in this sidebar you can adjust settings, learn more about the app including ideas and tutorials, and support for the app.

IMG_0796 IMG_0833 IMG_0824

The new version of Word Vault Pro allows for setting up individual client profiles or groups. It is very simple to begin a new profile and edit an existing one. Now you can track a client’s progress even when they move between different target areas.  Notes can be added to each target line. You can also send a report of the client’s progress through an email.

my vault

Another new feature of Word Vault Pro is My Vault. Within My Vault you can add your own list, questions, stories, and more. You can select which target group the list will appear and add a picture. When you open a target page your list is now included so you can find your list easily.


On the Settings page you can adjust pass criteria, review references that were used for the app, and refresh audio and visuals that are on the app.


Next we will explore the different target areas available in this app. Within each target area you can add a group or client’s name to work on the list. To calculate the client’s average on a list touch the “+”  for correct productions and “-” for incorrect productions.

Another option available in all of the target areas is the ability to have a client listen to the list by pushing the speaker button. A client can record their own voice and play it back which is helpful for self-evaluation.


IMG_0797 IMG_0798 IMG_0799

This section provides 87 word list for all consonants and vowels.

IMG_0801 IMG_0802


Once you select a target sound you then have the option to choose the sounds location (initial, medial, final, or blend), number of syllables in the word, and hierarchy level (reading, sentence, phrase, or words).

IMG_0800 IMG_0804 IMG_0803


This updated version allows you to see one word at a time by touching the word. If you swipe down when the list is displaying a single word you can view a picture. Simply swipe right or left to go to the next word or picture.

IMG_0835 IMG_0836



IMG_0805 IMG_0806 IMG_0807

This section contains 80 word list divided into many sections.

  • Adjectives*
  • Adverbs*
  • Analogies*? – Grades 1-4, Grades 5+
  • Antonyms/Opposites*? – Basic, Advanced
  • Automatic Speech – Automatic Tasks, Automatic Sayings, Musical Rhythms, Nursery Rhymes, “And” Phrases, “Of” Phrases, Similes, Verb Phrases
  • Categories – Animals, Body Parts, Breakfast Foods, Classroom Objects, Clothing, Colors, Dairy Products, Drinks, Fruits, Furniture, Holidays/Seasons, Insects, Jobs, Kitchen Utensils, Lunch/Dinner Foods, Meats, Musical Instruments, Places, Shapes, Sports, Tools, Transportation, Vegetables
  • Common First Words
  • Communicative Temptations
  • Compare/Contrast*
  • Conjunctions – Coordinating Conjunctions, Correlative Conjunctions, Conjunctive Adverbs, Subordinating Conjunctions
  • First 100 Signs
  • Following Directions – 1 Step Directions, 2 Step Directions, 3 Step Directions, 4 Step Directions, Conditional Directions
  • Homonyms* – Grades K-2, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12
  • Homophones*?
  • Memory/Attention – Attention, Immediate Attention, Recent Memory, Remote Memory, Temporal Orientation
  • Plural Nouns*? – Regular Plural, Irregular Plural
  • Possessive S
  • Prepositions* – Place, Time, Other
  • Pronouns*
  • Quantity Concepts
  • Questions – Who*?, What*?, Where, When*?, Why*?, How*?, Which, If/Then Causative, Object Function-Action, Object Function-Agent, Some/All, True/False, Yes/No
  • Sentences
  • Sequencing*
  • Similes/Metaphors
  • Sight Words – Pre-Primer, Primer, First, Second, Third
  • Stories – Adult, Child
  • Synonyms*
  • Temporal Concepts
  • Word Retrieval – Description, Members of a Category, Sentence Completion
  • Verb Tenses* – Irregular Past Tense, Past Tense ED, Present Progressive, Present Tense S

Additional items can be added to a list or a list can be edited. You can also email the list if you wish. If you wish to view one item from the list at a time just touch the item and it will be shown alone on the screen. Some of sections have pictures attached to the item on the list. I have noted the sections that include pictures with an *.


Some sections allow for a response to be given before displaying the answer. Touch the box to show the answer. These sections are noted with a ?.




The Phonology targets are divided into 6 sections with the ability to add your own list just like in the other sections. The sections are: Final KS Words, Final NK Words, Final PS Words, Final TS Words, Minimal Pairs, and Multisyllabic Words.


One list is available in the Final blends sections but multiple list are available in Minimal Pairs and Multisyllabic words sections. In the Minimal Pairs section you can find list for 22 different consonants. Under each consonant are list for a variety of sound combinations.


In the Mutisyllabic Words section you can select a list based on how many syllables you would like to target: 2, 3, 4 or 5 syllables per word.


IMG_0819 IMG_0818

The social target area is divided into 7 sections.


Conversation Starters contains pictures that coordinate with the question.



The Emotions section has 19 different feelings to select. Each section has pictures that demonstrate that feeling/emotion.


In the Idioms section if you touch the idiom it will be displayed alone on the page. The finger prompt in the lower corner of the card prompts you to turn the card. When the card turns it displays the meaning of the idiom. The Jokes and Proverbs sections work in a similar manner to the idioms section. The answer to the joke or the meaning of the proverb is displayed when the card is touched. The Problem Solving section is divided into three sections: Deductive Reasoning, Problem Solving Scenarios, and Social Situations. Each of these sections have accompanying pictures for most of the questions on the list. Inferencing is another section under Social targets. The list items can be displayed individually in all sections.

What I Like about this app:

  • EVERYTHING!! How often does an app come along that addresses so many communication disorders?
  • This app is ideal for traveling therapist who never seem to have the book they need for therapy (been there done that, no thanks). I know over the summer I carried a bag of therapy books home so I could work on some projects. This app eliminates the need for multiple books. I have already used this app to help me create some activities from home. LOVE IT!
  • This app can be used easily in groups with children who are working on different goals. You can switch from list to list easily and quickly.
  • The option to print list for extra practice at home is important and useful.
  • I can’t wait to use this app with different non-traditional therapy games like Sorry, Trouble, and other board games. It will be so easy to set up and practice the targets before each turn.
  • The addition of pictures, question cards, and the ability to view one item from the list at a time were improvements that I didn’t know I needed but I am glad that they were added.
  • Adding individual and group profiles makes data tracking very easy during a session. The +/- for tracking responses is easy to understand and use.
  • The ability to track and print progress through this app makes it easy to write progress reports, IEPs, and share information with teachers and staff.
  • My favorite new feature is the My Vault. I am so excited to add new list. I have started to add my High Frequency Words for Speech Therapy list. I will be using this app frequently to track my students progress.

What I would like to see improved:

When using the app occasionally I would come across a few pictures that didn’t match the item chosen. I am sure this is a minor cliche and it will be resolved in updates. I would like to see the ability to track which questions were answered incorrectly or which words were said incorrectly by either touching the item or the ability to drag to an incorrect list. This would be helpful to target those incorrect responses for homework when printing out the list.


I would like to thank Luke from Home Speech Home for providing me with this app to review. I hope you found this review of Word Vault Pro helpful in your decision to purchase. I would recommend this app to any SLP. The current cost of this app is $49.99. The price is high but due to the amount of content within this app I believe it is a fair price. Within this app you have easy access to four common target areas, data tracking for individuals or groups, and the ability to email progress reports. You would have a hard time finding a book or SLP product that can provide all of that for a cheaper price.  Click this link to purchase this app on iTunes. I think this app is a must for traveling therapist who feel like they never have what they need. With this app and a board game you could do a days worth of therapy.

If you still aren’t convinced… Check out this video.

Word Vault Pro Demo

Make sure you check out Home Speech Home’s website. They have a great resources including the Speech Helpers e-Book. It is a great book to use in therapy.

Disclaimer: A copy of this app was provided to me for my review. No other compensation was provided and the opinions are mine.

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