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I am so excited to bring you a review of Word Vault. Luke and Hollie, married SLPs, are the founders of Home Speech Home and the creators of this app. I came across this app in a Facebook ad. I thought it sounded great to have 30,000 words, sentences, and stories at my fingertips wherever I take my iPad.wv  logo

The app opens to reveal four “vaults” to target during speech therapy: Articulation Vault, Language Vault, Phonology Vault, and Social Vault.


Each Vault leads to more choices. Lets start with the Articulation Vault. This vault gives the choice of 32 different phonemes including vowels, nonsense words, sentences, and blends

wv2 wv3

Once you select the sound you are targeting you get a screen that displays a list of words. From this point you can select how you want the words displayed (1, 2, or 3 columns), what position you want to focus on (initial, medial, or final position), and how many syllables you want for the word list. There is a total of 87 different list to choose from just in this Articulation Vault alone.
The authors give examples of ways to use different list to improve a students articulation skills at different difficulty levels. These examples are from the app Details on iTunes:
Syllable Level – use the “Non-Sense Syllables” list for quick reference.
Imitated Word Level – no pictures makes the younger child have to imitate.
Spontaneous Word Level – increases productions in the reading child.
Sentence Level – client can create a sentence using the word on the screen or read from the “Sentences” list.
Reading Level – “Shorter Stories”, “Longer Narratives”, “Problem Solving Sentences”, “Social Scenarios”, and “Inferencing” provide quick reading material.
Conversational Level – client can use all the words on the screen to tell a story or use “Conversation Starters”, “Story Starters”, or “Social Scenarios” as a prompt.

The Language Vault has a total of 80 list divided into 22 categories. Check out all of the categories in the pictures below.

wv4 wv5

There are two categories that have word list divided by grade levels. These include analogies and multiple meaning words.
Categories, Conjunctions, Following Directions, Language Concepts, and WH Questions have more choices when you select each one. The Following Directions Vault has options for 1-step, 2-step, 3-step, 4-step, or conditional directions.
wv11 wv9

Next the Phonology Vault has six different vaults to choose from including difficult final phoneme blends such as /ks/, /nk/ , /ps/, and /ts/. It also includes minimal pairs and multisyllabic words. The Minimal Pairs list has over 425 list. The Multisyllabic Words list contains common words up to 5 syllables.
The Social Vault has eight different vaults shown in the picture below. The Emotions vault contains lists of synonyms for each emotion listed.

Inferences, Social Scenarios, and Problem Solving Scenarios are written in short paragraphs for easy reading. There are 43 Conversation Starters.


Additional features of this app is the ability to email the list you choose so it can be printed. You can also minimize the screen so you can work on other apps. The information button gives many examples of how this app can be used with individuals with many different communication disorders. The question mark symbol allows you to see the features of the list screen. This app also includes a home button so you can return to the home vault at anytime.
What I like about the program:

  • EVERYTHING!! How often does an app come along that addresses so many communication disorders?
  • This app is ideal for traveling therapist who never seem to have the book they need for therapy (been there done that, no thanks). I know over the summer I carried a bag of therapy books home so I could work on some projects. This app eliminates the need for multiple books. I have already used this app to help me create some activities from home. LOVE IT!
  • This app can be used easily in groups with children who are working on different goals. You can switch from list to list easily and quickly.
  • The option to print list for extra practice at home is important and useful.
  • I can’t wait to use this app with different non-traditional therapy games like Sorry, Trouble, and other board games. It will be so easy to set up and practice the targets before each turn.

What I like to see improved:
I can’t think of anything else that Luke and Hollie should do to improve this app except for adding more list. It has a huge amount already and I probably would never use all of them in a year but if they find more areas that they haven’t touched on please add more list.

Other uses for this app:
The creators list a bunch of different uses for this app under the information button. The vaults target so many common areas of therapy; I really can’t think of any additional uses.

I would like to thank Luke from Home Speech Home for providing me with this app to review. I hope you found this review of Word Vault helpful in your decision to purchase. I would recommend this app to any SLP. It is so easy to use and has a so much to offer; it is a value at $19.99 considering most therapy books cost over $40.00. Click this link to purchase this app on iTunes. I think this app is a must for traveling therapist who feel like they never have what they need. With this app and a board game you could do a days worth of therapy.

If you still aren’t convinced… Check out this video.

Word Vault Demo

Make sure you check out Home Speech Home’s website. They have a great resources including the Speech Helpers e-Book. It is a great book to use in therapy.

Disclaimer: A copy of this app was provided to me for my review. No other compensation was provided and the opinions are mine.

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