Apps in the Classroom

Apps in the Classroom


This week I completed my first county-wide presentation for the first Geek Week. My presentation was entitled “Apps in the Classroom: Making Teaching and Learning More FUN!!”. The audience was teachers from all grades. I was excited to present to a full group with several more on a waiting list. The presentation was divided into several sections. The first was information about iPad shortcuts that many might not know about. The next section contained details about how I have reinvented the use of worksheets in the classroom. It included apps that allow you to write on worksheets from your iPad. Check out the presentation in the link below for more details. Another section was filled with apps that teachers could use to make teaching more fun and effective. I also included a section on using QRs in the classroom. The last part was a collection of apps from textbooks, catalogs, English Language Learners (ELL), and other useful apps for learning.

Although I presented to a group of teachers these apps are all ones that I use in therapy as well. Please click on the link to SlideShare (Apps in the Classroom: Making Teaching and Learning more FUN!) to view the presentation.

Also check out my page titled “Therapy Apps“. It contains an extensive list of apps I use in therapy.

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