Artic Dicee

One of the best things about being a Speech-Language Pathologist is getting to play games with our students while working on their goals. I love adapting existing games to meet my students needs such as Connect Four, Guess Who, and Don’t Break the Ice just to name a few (click the games for a link to adapting the game).

As a child, my family would often play the classic 5 dice game. I loved the strategies and competition that would play out with my family. I wanted to adapt this game for my students. It would be too hard to change the pictures or words on each side of the dice for each new session so I found a digital solution.

photo dice

Introducing Photo Dice!This is a FREE app in iTunes. It does contain ads but it doesn’t seem to distract my students.

Setting up the Photo Dice:

After you download this app, click the settings icon (a gear wheel) to begin adding your dice. There are many different changes you can make to the game on this screen but we will focus on the Photo Dice bar. Click the arrow at the end of the Photo Dice bar. This will show all of the different dice you have created. At the bottom of this page is Create New Photo Dice , click this to begin.

dice 6

Once you click this the new dice set will appear at the top and the name will be Untitled. After you change the name to what you want, click Done in the top corner.Next click on the new set you created to add your pictures. Click on a blank dice to add a picture. You are given the option of selecting a picture from the camera, photo library, or clear image.

dice 3

Prior to completing this step I usually find pictures to use from Google Images. Just save the pictures to your camera roll so you can access them within the app. Once you have added 6 images per set (one picture for each side of the dice) you can click Photo Dice to go back to the choice screen and then click Settings. Finally click Back to take you back to the main screen.

dice 4

To select which dice you want to add, click the bottom corner with the three boxes. This will open all of your created dice at the top of the screen. To choose your dice for the game, simply click the dice you want five times. The dice will be added to the screen. Click Roll to start the game.

dice 1

Introducing ARTIC DICEE!

I have created the Artic Dicee Score Card to accompany this game. It is available in my TPT Store. The object of the game is to score the most amount of points. The player gets to roll the dice three times on each turn. After each roll the player touches the dice that they want to keep to try to get the highest amount they can on the score card. At the end of their third roll, the player must select where they are going to mark the points. Here are the options and points:

2 of a Kind (20), 3 of a Kind (30), 4 of a Kind (40), Full House (50), Straight (50), Chance (10), Dicee (100), Perfect Speech (50)

dice 5

If a student didn’t get a dice combination to match a category then they can use the Chance points or take zero (0) points in another category. I added the Perfect Speech amount to encourage my students to not rush and use their sound correctly.

Each score card page has four cards. Each card has two empty points column. You can play with both columns at once for longer sessions or you can play with just one column. I play with one column since I service my articulation students in 5 minute sessions.

If a student is working on their sound at the word level then I will have them say the dice that appear after each roll.

If a student is working on their sound at the sentence level then I will have them say the dice that are on the screen at the end of the third roll in a sentence.

If a student is working on their sound at the conversational level then I will have them make a short story using each picture that are showing at the end of the third roll.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments about how you can use this app in speech therapy please comment below.


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