August Link Up

I love participating in these link up parties. Here is the August Link Up hosted by All Y’all Need. This months acronym is BTS for Back To School.

august link up

BUYING: In preparation for back to work on August 14th, I have been purchasing printer ink and Duck Tape. With all of the amazing TPT products for speech therapist, I needed more ink for my printer at school. My husband found a great deal on Amazon for 20 ink cartridges for my printer for $14. Hopefully this last all year! I just bought a Duck Tape set at Costco yesterday. I plan on using it to cover recycled containers to make word shakers. If you have seen the Find It! games it is similar to that. Here is the link for Verb Shakers by Jenn at Crazy Speech World.

TRYING: I am trying to get geared up to go back to work. I have enjoyed my summer off with my family. We went to the beach twice and the zoo numerous times. We just got back from a trip to Atlantic City where we enjoyed the great weather and my husband took me to see Journey and Rascal Flatts. GREAT SHOW!! I am going to miss sleeping in and playing Candy Crush but these kiddos need help with their speech and I am just the gal to help them!

SPEECHING: THE DREADED SCHEDULE— Every year I dread the return of the school year because I have to figure out a therapy schedule. I would say this is the worst part of my job. It is always changing. I like figuring out puzzles but not this one. Just when you think you have a good schedule, you go and get a student for therapy and they are not there because this is their special subject time. UUUGHHH!. Then it is back to the scheduling board. I have not found any easy solutions over the years it just takes time. Good luck and may the scheduling fairies bring you images of solutions as you sleep.

Thanks again to All Y’all Need for hosting another Link Up. See you next month and make sure to check out all of the other SLP blogs to see what they are up to. There are some great new bloggers who could use some support.

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