Hi, my name is Melanie and I am a certified Speech-Language Pathologist with 15 years experience working in public schools. Currently my assignment is working with 4th and 5th grade students but I have worked with all school age ranges from pre-K to graduation. The students on my roster have disabilities in the areas of severely mentally impaired (SMI), mild mentally impaired (MMI), autism spectrum disorders (ASD), behavior/emotional disorders (BD), learning disabilities (LD), and various communication disorders. I have know since I was 13 years old that I had a passion for helping others communicate better when I saw a SLP help my cousin, who was born with Down Syndrome, use sign language to communicate after her vocal cord was paralyzed during surgery. The impact that was felt by our family as this little 6 month old girl was expressing what she needed will never be forgotten. This page is dedicated to the students that I learn from everyday, the therapist that inspire me to do my best, and the faculty that supports me.

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My 5 Minute Kids Therapy Plan

Last week I introduced you to “My Therapy Cart”. I had many inquires about how I make the program work. I explained in the last post on the topic where I conduct therapy at my school. Finding a good location suitable for therapy was one of the more difficult parts of planning. Each school is…

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May BSHM Link-up

Laura at Oh, How Pintearesting! has created another link-up to help speech therapist network and share ideas. I am so excited to be participating in my first link-up and I hope that this spreads the word about my new blog. BUYING: I anxiously waited for WH Question Cards – Pro from Super Duper Publications to…

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My Therapy Cart

Last year I start using the 5 minute therapy approach for articulation and fluency therapy. When I was planning on the where and how of the program, I had to consider how it would work at my school. The intermediate school where I work is divided into two hallways, one for fourth grade and one for…

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Teachers Pay Teachers store

I am proud to announce that my Teachers Pay Teachers store is now open!!. I have added 7 items to be downloaded with much more soon to come. Make sure that when you click on the link below that you become a “Follower” so you can get updates of when new items are added to…

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Learning from their own voice

Last week I rediscovered the importance of recording students during therapy. During my 5 minute sessions I used the app from Synapse Apps, LLC, Pocket Artic to record the student’s productions. After recording their voices, they played it back and judged whether it was correct, approximate, or incorrect. I was targeting two goals during this activity…

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Hello to those of you that have discovered The Speech Place! This blog will be devoted to Speech-Language Pathology. I hope you find the information that I share helpful in your therapy room, classroom, clinic, or home. Topics of my blogs will include helpful therapy ideas, using technology, challenges we face with hopefully some solutions,…

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