BHSM- Use your head to communicate

hæpi bɛtər hɪrɪŋ ænd spitʃ mənθ!

Happy Better Hearing and Speech Month!

ASHA recognizes May as Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM). This year’s focus is on the importance of early intervention for communication disorders. To find out more information go to the link for ASHA.

bulletin board

Since I work in an intermediate school (4-5th grade) I wanted to educate my students on healthy communication habits. I have an abundance of Mr. & Mrs. Potato heads and my students love to play with them. I came up with this slogan:

Use your head to communicate.

I decorated the bulletin board outside of my office with the slogan and these pictures.

BB eyes BB mouth BB ears

Next I had my students create and name their own potato head. I loved seeing the creativity and language that developed from this simple activity. I took pictures of their creations and added the names of their potatoes using a picture modification app. I printed and laminated them to display on the bulletin board. The students loved finding their picture and it attracted other viewers as well. Here are a few examples:

PH20 PH1 PH9 PH10

Since my room is in a small office area that is not in a high traffic area I wanted to get the message of healthy communication habits out more. I created flyers with clever sayings on them that related to the Mr. & Mrs. Potato heads. I had one but needed more so I asked for help from some great SLPs in a Facebook group. These wonderful SLPs came up with several more witty sayings to use on my signs. Thank you for your help. I took the banner from the BHSM ASHA page and added it to the top of the pages and then added the sayings, information, and a picture. I think they turned out great. I made two copies of each picture and hung them down the two main hallways in our building.

flyer takes two flyer po tah toe flyer pair ears flyer many hats flyer listening ears flyer lend ear flyer ear bud flyer voice

As soon as I put them up I saw students reading the flyers. I hope that it reaches a few students and it encourages them to protect their hearing, voice, and use their best listening and speaking skills. I also hung some on the ASHA flyers in areas where parents frequently are that focused more on the early intervention campaign.

I hope this inspires you to bring more awareness to your students and colleagues. Please share how you have promoted BHSM in the comments below.

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