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As May draws to a close that means the end to a few things…the school year (YEA!!) and BSHM (Better Speech and Hearing Month). This year another SLP, Deanna, and myself decided to create an informational bulletin board outside of our therapy rooms for BSHM. I thought it turned out pretty good for our first attempt. Below are the links to the information that we used on the bulletin board. Keep in mind that this bulletin board was meant for students, teachers, and parents at an intermediate school (4th and 5th grade).

Your Child’s Communication: Fourth Grade – This is a great reference list for parents and teachers to help them understand what skills their child or student should be doing at this age. The list covers listening, speaking, reading, and writing which coincides with the common core curriculum.

Your Child’s Communication: Fifth Grade – Another reference for the fifth grade parents and teachers. This list covers listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Top Things to Know about Earbuds – This is an excerpt from the website Kid’s Health that gives some information to student’s about the proper way to use earbuds.

Tips to Keep You Talkin’ – From the National Center for Voice & Speech, this is a pdf file that prints 4 bookmarks with eight tips on vocal hygiene. It is the third selection down.

Facts about Hearing Loss in Children – This fact sheet is from the American Academy of Audiology. It gives information to parents about how to protect their child’s ears, the effects of noisy toys, and information about noise-induced hearing loss.

How loud is too loud? Decibel Chart – This decibel chart is apealing beacause it has pictures and relatable examples for students.

We also included on the buletin board the American Sign Language (ASL) alphabet and a poster with the 2013 BSHM logo from ASHA. I definitely will continue to make a bulletin board for BSHM in the future. Next year I would like to have a speech or hearing fact read on the morning TV show each day in May. What did you do special for BSHM? Please share your ideas in the comments.

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