Conditional Directions & Giveaway!

Put your worksheet in the reading box when you finish or Clean up your desk before you line up. These are examples of directions that students hear in their classroom every day. For most they are clear and easy to follow but for others it sounds like a jumble of words that they must first organize and follow correctly otherwise there may be consequences. Conditional directions are difficult for students to comprehend because they have two parts. First the child must decide if the direction pertains to them and then follow the direction to complete a task.

I have created 2 different levels of conditional direction activities for my students. In Conditional Directions Level 1, the student listens to the card and follows the direction as it pertain to them. The task that must be completed are physical activities such as touch your toes or turn around.

level 1

In Conditional Directions Level 2, the students listen to the card and draw or write something on a piece of paper as it pertains to them.

level 2

The cards should be presented auditorily since this is how directions are given most frequently in the classroom setting. These conditional directions activities are available in my TPT store. Level 1 contains 24 direction cards, 12 game cards, a game board, and a numbered sheet to copy on the back of the direction cards to use a draw cards for moves in the game. Level 2 contains 24 direction cards and a game board.

GIVEAWAY!! Enter to win a copy of both Conditional Directions Level 1 and 2!!

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