EET Activity: Blue

These are the activities that I provided for the teachers implementing the Expanding Expression Tool (EET) this week. The students were practicing the Blue bead in the program which involves verbs. We practice identifying verbs while we are talking about what an object does or what you can do with the object. Here are the two activities I provided to them:

1. Select 4-5 pictures of objects that have several uses. Place pieces of paper around the room for each picture. Divide the students into groups. Have them go to their matching board to start. Instruct the students to write as many things as they can for “what you do” with that item. After about 3 minutes rotate to the next group and continue adding to the list of things an object does or what you do with it. Encourage your students to get creative. Share at the end what each paper says. Highlight the verbs that the students use. Discuss if the correct verb tense was used.

2. Verb Charades: Divide the class into 2 teams. Tell the students that you are going to show them a word or picture. They must act out at least 3 things you do with that object. Here is a list of 20 things you can use for this activity. (sink, broom, football, swimming pool, towel, paper clip, shoe, car, grass, flower, bathtub, cup , plate, dog, horse, chair, pencil, stairs, door, tree).

I hope you find these activities helpful when practicing the Blue EET bead with your students.

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