EET Activity: Christmas Fun


It is Christmas time and here is a great way to get students using the Expanding Expression Tool (EET) while making their Christmas Wish List. I collected sales ads from the local newspapers to use within the classroom. After passing out the ads to the students, I asked them to select a toy that they would like for Christmas. Next they had to use the EET system to give a detailed description of their item. The student’s level determines what scaffolding page will be needed. Here are a few links to some different writing sheets:

After they composed a detailed description of the item they wanted for Christmas, the students shared with each other what they wanted. On a separate sheet of paper they wrote what they thought the other person wanted. After each student had read their description to five other students, the class gathered to share their descriptions. The teacher judges to see if they were accurate and if other students were able to guess from the description. This oral sharing section of the lesson helps to encourage clear descriptions within oral communication with peers.

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