EET Activity: Green


My last post was about how I introduced Expanding Expression Tool (EET) to the students and teachers at my school. Weekly I email the teachers who are using the program additional activities that they can use in their classroom for more practice with each color.

In the EET system, green is the first color and it is related to categories. Here are a few simple activities that you can use to practice categories with your students.

1. Category Corners: Pass out picture cards or word cards to your students. Label each corner in the room with a different category or group (animal, clothing, fall words, etc.). Each student should have at least one card for each category. Instruct the students to peacefully walk around the room and place the correct card with the category. For an added challenge, make a few cards that could fit in more than one category. Have the students explain why it would fit in another category.

2. Category Hot Potato: For this activity you will need a list of different categories and a ball. Have the students form a large circle around the perimeter of the class. Tell the students that you are going to name a category. When they are holding the ball, the student must name something that belongs in that category and then pass the ball to the next person. The students need to listen carefully to what their classmates say because if they repeat a word they are out. Play continues until the timer (1 minute) goes off. The person holding the ball is out. The game continues until there is one student left standing. This game is a lot of fun and it helps them improve their word finding and vocabulary skills as well.

There are so many fun ways to practice EET: green. Please share some activities that you do to practice categories in the comments.

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