EET Activity: What does it look like

Within the Expanding Expression Tool (EET) the white circle with the eye represents “what does it look like”. It is related to adjectives. It helps include details about what something looks like. It is important for students to make sure that they can answer the following questions to describe an object or event:

  • How big(height or length) is it?
  • What shape is it?
  • What color(s) is it?
  • How does it feel?
  • How much does it weigh?

When I introduced this circle in the classroom, I used two pictures of different cats. We talked about what made the cats different. This topic lead us to discussing the adjectives since you can find cats in the same place, the same group, etc. The students were able to give accurate descriptions of the cats by following the question cues. I emphasized the important of a detailed description so the reader or listener understands what specifically you are talking about. Adjectives help paint a mental picture for the other person.

cat 1 cat2

I hope this short EET activity helps your students practice the what does it look like circle for understanding the importance of adjectives within a detailed description.

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