Flashlight Find

Flashlight Find is an inexpensive activity that my students have loved playing for years. For this activity you will need index cards, tape, a marker, flashlights, and a variety of target words. On index cards, I wrote a wide variety of words. Next I taped them to the top of my wall in my room. It is like a miniature word wall in my room. To play Flashlight Find, the students need to find words according to the instructions. Here are a few pictures of my Flashlight Find.

flashlight 7 flashlight 4 flashlight 2


I used words that addressed many different target sounds in all positions of their words. To start the session, I explain the rules for using the flashlight (only shine on the walls, do not shine in anyone’s eyes). After I turn the lights out we practice a warm up activity. I instruct the students to find a word on the wall that starts with their sound, has the sound in the middle, the sound at the end, or in a blend (if applicable). Next the students use words that they find with the flashlight in a sentence.

After we have warmed up our articulators we are ready to play the game. The game is a form of 20 questions to guess what word the other player is thinking. The student whose turn it is asks the chooser a question. If the student guesses it right after one question they get 3 points, after 2 questions 2 points and after 3 questions 1 point. I have the chooser write the word down so there is no accusations of cheating. The chooser selects a card that contains a target of the guesser. Play continues around the table until the session is over.

This is a great game to practice articulation skills at the word, sentence, and conversational level. It can easily be adapted for students with different targets within the same group.


When I am selecting my words from an articulation list I keep in mind some different language goals. I choose words that are nouns, verbs, and adjectives as well as words that have antonyms, synonyms, homonyms, and fit in a category. We start the same way that we start the articulation version of Flashlight Find. I give the students a category that I want them to find a word from. When we start the game, I give them the category that I want the chooser to pick from.

By adding some words  to the empty space at the top of the wall, you can have an activity that targets many different students. The students will ask again and again to play Flashlight Find.

flashlight 1


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