A Funny Day on the Job

I love the adventures that my job provides everyday! Today was no exception.

I was working with a 4th grade student who struggles with substituting the /s/ sound for “sh” sound in words. He was reading words from the SCAT Posttest Probe so I could assess his progress this year. (Check out the Importance of Probes Post for more details.) He read the word “ash” which did not come out clearly. Once he heard himself mispronounce the word, he remarked “What does that say?!” I replied clearly, “ash”. He continued to read the words in the posttest. In the cluster analysis section came another challenge word. The word was “Ashland” which he mispronounced again but this time he caught his error and said the word again correctly.

It was very hard to continue without laughing. I was very pleased that he heard his mistake the second time and corrected it.

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