How to play Fast Match

Matching games are a standard in therapy rooms around the globe. Although it is great practice for a variety of skills we can only endure so much matching and Go Fish. I know I needed a new way to play!

handsdown game

My daughter got a hand me down game called Hands Down by Milton Bradley/Hasbro. Some cards were missing and the box was badly torn so it couldn’t really be played in its current condition but I didn’t want to throw the Slap-O-Matic away.

I made some matching card decks for some of the skills my students are currently working on and adapted the rules so we could play it in the therapy room. Fast Match was born!


Here is how to play Fast Match:

The object of Fast Match is to get the most matches. Each player starts with five cards and draws a card on their turn to find a matching pair. The fun starts when someone gets a match. The player says “Fast Match” and slaps down their colored hand. The hand on top is the slowest and loses a card to the winning player.

Fake Fast Matches are a lot of fun as well and the students loved tricking each other. View the video to see the Fast Match fake in action! YouTube Video Link

tap roulette pic

Unfortunately Hands Down like our beloved Cariboo is no longer in production but I found a cool app, Tap Roulette, which can be used with the cards to play the game in a similar fashion. View the video to see an example of playing using Tap Roulette. You Tube video link.

Currently I have made Antonym/Synonym Level 1 & Level 2 Fast Match and Fluency Fast Match but I am excited to create more card sets to use along with High Frequency Words for Speech Therapy with my students working on articulation. Here are the links to the Fast Match cards on TPT.

Fast Match! Antonym & Synonym Level 1

Fast Match! Antonym & Synonym Level 2

Fast Match! Fluency Strategies

Fluency Strategies HD Fluency Strategies HD sample Antonym Synonym Level 2 HD Antonym Synonym Level 2 HD sample Antonym Synonym Level 1 HD Antonym Synonym Level 1 HD sample

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