Love It & List It: Games

My husband thinks that all I do is play games. He wonders why I come home exhausted some days. Of course, that isn’t all I do but it does help to motivate students to work towards their goals. Jenna at Speech Room News is hosting a series of monthly post titled “Love It & List It”. This months focus is favorite games used in the speech therapy room.

love it

Here is a short list of the games that can be found in my speech room:

#1: Pirate Talk by Super Duper

pirate talk

This game is a favorite of my students. They love collecting the coins while travelling around the colorful board. I like that I can work on different targets within a group while playing the game. The cards are divided into different topics. Each card has questions for receptive and expressive skills. Some of the skills include recalling details, following directions, inferences, social skills, and comparisons.

#2: Find It!

find it

I love to play this game when we have a few minutes left or when we just need a brain break. The object of the game is to find as many tiny objects as you can in 1 minute. The students like the challenge of naming objects as fast as they can. It is good for word finding skills and articulation skills.

#3: Backseat Drawing & Backseat Drawing Jr.


I found this fun game in a teacher catalog but I have seen it at Target as well. The object of this game is to draw what your partner describes. In the regular version, there are a list of words on the card that you can’t say. In the Jr. version, the card has a picture of what the person is supposed to draw. This game can be played to work on many different goals such as describing, syntax structure, adjectives, following directions, and articulation carryover. I have found this game helpful in articulation carryover during my 5 Minute Kids sessions. It is always so interesting to see how they interpret the others description.

These are some games that I “play” frequently to address expressive skills, categories, word finding, and questioning.

#4: 20 Questions ball

20 questions

This is a small ball that amazes me every time we play it. By answering yes/no/sometimes to questions that scroll across the ball, the ball can usually guess what noun we have picked. The students love challenging the ball.

#5: Outburst Jr.


This fun game is an easier version of the adult one. I have an older version but there are newer ones available with updated categories.

#6: Freeze Up

freeze up

This is a challenging game that my students beg to play. The object is to not FREEZE UP. The voice on the machine gives you a letter and a category. The player has to name something that matches those criteria as fast as possible. Once they name it the push the button to stop the clock. There is the option to change the letter or category but with a 3 second penalty. Play continues until one player is left with time on their clock. That player wins.

I hope you find some new speech therapy games to add to your room. Please add any speech therapy games that you could not live without to the comments of this post. Thanks to Jenna for such a great idea. Look for next months Love It & List It topic. Make sure you also go to Jenna’s website to see what other therapist “play” in their speech rooms.


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