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This month the topic for Speech Room News‘ Love It & List It is favorite Fluency materials. Each year I have several students that are working on improving their fluency in conversational speech. I have found over the years that each child is unique and requires a different approach to improving their fluency. Some children have plenty of confidence but lack the skills to control their dysfluencies, others lack the confidence to even attempt to communicate in class, and others may be a mixture of both. This is a reason that I find fluency therapy so difficult. I am so excited to participate in this Love It & List It party to see what other therapist use so students can master their fluency goals.

Here is my list of my top fluency tools to use in therapy:

1. Color Me Fluent by Super Duper


I have used this kit for a few years and have found success with the clear explanation of techniques that students can use to improve their fluency. Each skill has several lessons to practice controlling dysfluencies. This box of materials can be used with children ages 6- adult which is nice if you service a larger population.

2. Smooth Talker app

smooth talker

This app allows the therapist to easily track the number of stutters per minute by counting syllables produced within a sample. I use this app periodically to track a student’s progress towards their goal of fluency.

3. Visual prompts for Fluency


After my students are familiar with fluency terms like cancellation and pull-out, I introduce a visual prompt to help them know when to use these skills. When we are in a conversation I hold up the visual prompt. I slowly reduce the amount of visual prompts once they start applying the terms to their own conversations.

I hope you find my list helpful when you are looking for new materials to use in fluency therapy. Don’t forget to go to the Love It & List It: Fluency post from Speech Room News to access other SLP bloggers favorites.

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