Love it & List it: Language Apps

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I am so excited to participate in this months Love it & List it Linky Party: Language Apps. The introduction of the iPad into my therapy room has transformed my program. Students ask repeatedly to use the iPad during therapy sessions. We don’t use it each session which makes it even more special. I typically use it as a review or post test for a lesson we have completed. The students become very motivated when this device is used. These are a few of my favorite apps to use in language therapy.

1. Language Adventures Quiz Game Show Grade 1-3 & Language Adventures Quiz Show Grade 4-6

lang1 lang4


These apps are both by Lakeshore. They provide a fun interactive learning experience for students in a game show format. The characters are entertaining and “cool” to the audience it targets. Each one covers many different language areas. LA Grade 1-3 covers library skills, forms of writing, reference skills, parts of speech, sentences/punctuation, word analogies, fact vs. opinion, word parts, synonyms & antonyms, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. LA Grade 4-6 covers punctuation & capitalization, story elements, vocabulary, sentence structure, word analysis, study & research, parts of speech, grammar & use, reading comprehension, spelling, and forms of writing.

2. Mindmapper


Mindmapper is a great app for drawing and linking vocabulary words together. You can add pictures, links, change colors, email, and print your word maps. This can be valuable for vocabulary, word associations, and social language skills.

3. The Electric Company Feel Electric!


Those crazy Electric Company kids entertain students while teaching feelings and emotions. Students can track their feelings on a weather map, play games to identify emotions on characters faces, and make their own silly faces. This app has many pragmatic uses. This app is FREE. Even better!!

4. Picture Tab


This is a game app that can be used in therapy to address picture identification, sequencing, and rapid response skills. You can play against a computer or against others matched by the app.

I hope you find my favorite list helpful. Thanks Jenna (Speech Room News) for starting this Love it & List it: Language Apps. Make sure you check out other bloggers favorites and stayed tuned for next month’s topic: Articulation Apps.

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