Love it & List it Party: Vocabulary

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Jenna at Speech Room News is hosting another Love it & List it linky party. This month’s topic is favorite Vocabulary tools to use in speech therapy. Here are my top 3 choices for targeting vocabulary.

1. Expanding Expression Tool (EET)


I know that this item has been mentioned on many other love it list but it is worth adding to my list as well. I have only been using this item since the beginning of the school year. The increase in my student’s expressive language and describing skills has been remarkable. I will be posting about how the EET is being used at my school.

2. No Glamour Language by Linguisystems

no glamour

I have had this book for years and it is slowly falling apart from so much use. This book contains great vocabulary worksheets such as antonym, synonym, and multiple meaning words. I really like the progression of difficulty in each section.

3. At My Desk Vocabulary by Lakeshore

at my desk

These sets can be used individually or easily adapted for group practice. I love Lakeshore products. They come with everything you need and the items are laminated and sturdily made. This set contains 16 different packs targeting antonyms, synonyms, multiple meaning words, affixes, and more. My students have enjoyed these for several years.

Thank you for viewing my favorite vocabulary items. Please share what your favorites are in the comments. Thank you Jenna for hosting the Love it & List it Party: Vocabulary. Make sure you check out the other SLP bloggers favorites at her site.




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