Love It & List It: Social Skills

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It is time again for another month of ideas and products from SLP bloggers. Jenna at Speech Room News is hosting a Love It & List It Party. This months topic is favorite social skills activities and products. I think these skills are some of the most difficult to teach since circumstances are always changing. Many children with social deficits see the world in black and white and it is hard for them to recognize the gray world we live in. Here a list of my top go-to products for teaching and reinforcing social skills.

1. Feel Electric: The Electric Company app (FREE)

feel electric

I love using this app for introducing new words to describe feelings. It allows students to track how the feel each session. It also gives examples of when others feel that way. There are several different emotion based games that can help students recognize a certain emotion in others faces. Here is the link from iTunes.

2. Room 14: A Social Language Program

room 14

This set contains 3 books: teaching manual, student worksheet manual, and picture booklet. Room 14 is divided into 5 Units: Making & Keeping Friends, Fitting In at School, Handling Your Feelings, Using Self-Control, and Being Responsible. Each unit has several smaller lessons to help lead the instruction. The teaching manual has many different activities to practice the core lessons in each unit. This book is very helpful. Here is the link where you can order this product from Linguisystems. There is also a Room 28 for older students.

3. Cool in School: The Photo Fun Communication Game

cool school

This game has great photographs that my students can relate to from different areas all over the school. Each card has a series of questions that relate to the picture. Some of the types of questions target improving auditory comprehension, critical thinking, vocabulary, sentence formulation, questioning skills, pragmatic skills, and conversational skills. Here is a link to the product available through Super Duper.

Make sure you check out all of the other post from the other SLP bloggers at the end of Jenna’s original post. I can’t wait until next month’s topic: Fluency Favorites.

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