Magnify Your Therapy

Sometimes jazzing up speech therapy activities can be as simple as using a different tool. In the past to keep the students interested I have used invisible ink pens that you can only see in black light or pens that light up. They love the added excitement it gives to boring activities.

We all know how boring drill activities can be for students although they are very beneficial to improving articulation and fluency disorders. I use the 5 Minute Kids program at my school (here is a link to my other post about the program). Since I see the students about 4 times per week I need to have lots of different activities. One simple way to add some excitement to drill practice is to Magnify Your Therapy.


I purchased several toy magnify glasses from the Dollar Store. I took a worksheet from Webber Jumbo Artic Drill Book by Super Duper Publications and minimized it a lot on the copier. I had to minimize and then recopy the minimized version to get it small enough for the students to need to use the magnify glass.


They really enjoyed reading the word or sentence list under the magnify glass. It was an interesting way to present drill activities. When I started the session, I handed the students the paper and told them to read the first one. The looked at me funny but tried any ways. I asked them if anything could help them. Some asked for a magnify glass while others described what they needed. This activity can be used with many different activities and sessions. Let me know how this has worked for you in the comments below.

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