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UPDATED ON 9/13/14

I found this great idea for viewing all of your students’ goals in one space from Pinterest. For this project you will need a file folder and post-it notes. The original pin is for classroom teachers with up to 25 students. The original pinner used regular square post-it notes. Of course no speech therapist has a caseload of 25 so we need smaller post-its. I used the smaller rectangular post-its since I serve about 50 students. On the inside of the file folder, I evenly place the post-its. I could easily fit 50-60 post-its on the inside of the file folder.

The information that I include on each post-it is: student’s name, teacher’s initials, grade, targets from IEP or probes, Medicaid, and any other important information. I color code my students according to their targets (orange=/r/, blue= /s, sh, ch/, green= social/AAC, yellow=language, purple=fluency, pink=other). I found these great post-its that match my colors for my coding system. If a child has several different targets, I choose a color that represents the most deficit target. If you can’t find the colored post-its just use highlighters to mark the different targets on yellow post-its. Below is a sample of what the post-its look like. The “M” stands for Medicaid eligible.

student tags

I lay out the post-its according to when I see the students (starting with the first student on Monday morning). This system has been so helpful when I am planning the week’s lessons. On the front of the file folder. I used 2 brass brads to hold the week’s lesson plans. I just add the new week’s plan to the top of the others so I can easily see what we have worked on in the past. It also makes the information readily available when writing IEPs and progress reports. It is much easier to carry a file folder instead several files for each student.

Let me know if you have any questions about this great organizing idea. Thanks to the original pinner for inspiring the SLP version.


At the request of many readers I am adding pictures of my file folder. I hope this helps clear up any questions you have as to what the actual file folder looks like. I have a caseload of around 45 students. The bottom 4 post-its were used to keep handy a special science program that the fourth grade classes were participating in. This program changed my schedule each week so I wanted to keep it accessible. Use any extra space you have for what ever you need whether it be schedules or additional student information.

file orgainizer

Here is closer look at the post-its (sorry it is a little blurry but it I hope it helps you understand).

file orgainizer2

After another request, I have added a picture of the front cover where I plan out my sessions. It shows the brads and how I add the next week’s lesson over the previous week so I can keep track of the lessons and sessions completed.

front file


Here is a link to the template that I use on the front of the file folder.

Speedy Speech Template

13 thoughts on “Organizing your caseload

  1. This is ingenious! Thank you for sharing!

    • Glad you found it helpful. It made planning so much easier this year.

  2. Cassie

    I would love to see a picture of it! I’m having a hard time seeing it in my head 🙂 It seems like it would be really helpful!

    • I have updated the post with a few additional pictures of my file folder. I hope you can use this system to organize your caseload. Let me know if you have any more questions.

  3. How many students are on your caseload? If you have time, I would love to see an actual picture of your system! This looks like my organizational style. Thanks for sharing!!

    • I have about 45 students on my caseload. I have updated the post with a few additional pictures of my file folder. I hope you can use this system to organize your caseload. Let me know if you have any more questions.

  4. Tanya

    Thanks for sharing this idea. Can you elaborate on why Post-It’s? Do you remove them at some point and “post” them elsewhere? Also, can you post a pic of the front of your folder, with the brads in place? I’m always looking for good organization tips, I just really need to understand them before deciding to try them.

    • I use post-it’s because I remove students if they are dismissed or move. I place the post-it’s in the order I see the students so if there is a schedule change I move the notes around. I will add the picture of the front showing the brads. I just add the next week on top of the previous week so I can look back on completed lessons. I hope this helps. Let me know if you need anymore info.

  5. Dolores

    I like your system. It is streamlined and efficient.
    Would it be possible to include a copy of the front cover page?
    Thank you in advance!

  6. Katie H

    I implemented a system like this last year, but yours is streamlined much better than mine. 🙂 Could you tell me what the columns are on your front page lesson plan sheets? I can see that student names are covered up, but I can’t tell what the other columns and bottom boxes say. Thanks!

    • The columns were the days of the week that I see my 5 minute artic/fluency kids (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday). The bottom boxes are my other groups (language, push-in, etc) that I see once a week. I will add the template once I get back to school in a week and a half.

  7. Very cool! I’m going to try this, it looks like it might make keeping track of students’ goals a lot easier. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  8. Great system! Thank you for it!

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