A Peek At The Speech Place

I love looking at what other SLPs home away from home looks like so I thought I would share what mine looks like. Here is a peek at The Speech Place:


This room was originally intended as a storage closet but with a shortage of space it became my office and therapy room. The door is a solid wood door which is very heavy. There are no windows. To keep the air flowing I have to use a door stop to keep the door open. One of my best friends bought me this doorstop several years ago and I love it. Not only because I am a HUGE Wizard of Oz fan but because it starts dialogue with my students.


The bonus about my room is that it is in a central location within the building. I work in a large intermediate school (4-5th grade) with 12 4th grades and 13 5th grades plus several special education classrooms. Our school has over 630 students. The Speech Place is across from the main office in the Auxiliary Suite along with the guidance counselor and the school nurse. It is between the 4th and 5th grade wings. I have a copier outside my door and a bathroom around the corner.

Throughout the A Peek At The Speech Place series I will breakdown each area of my room and describe the products I use and what I use them for. I hope that you enjoy this series and maybe discover some new products and ideas to use in Your Speech Place!

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