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A technology savy colleague introduced me to Plickers. Plickers is a great way to get immediate feedback on your students’ knowledge of a subject. The interactive aspect of the quiz-like program keeps students engaged while you assess their abilities. In this post I will explain the steps to getting started and how you can bring Plickers from the classroom to your therapy room. I included a very detailed description of the steps so even the least techno-savy SLP can use the program efficiently.

Let’s get started with Plickers!

  1. First go to the Plickers website and sign up for a FREE account.
  2. After you log in to your account, you can either build your class list by clicking on Classes at the top of the screen or Start creating quizzes by clicking New Folder in the Library tab. I will start with building my class list.plickers 1
  3. Click on the Classes tab at the top. Easily name the class, assign a grade level, subject, and color to help distinguish the different classes. Once the class list opens you can type in the students names quickly and click enter to add to the class list. Each student is assigned a number which will be used later to track their answers. After the class list is complete (up to 40 students per class) you can print the roster so when you pass out the cards you have the students’ assigned number.
    • If you already have a roster that you can copy and paste, click the Add Roster button to quickly add a class of students.
  4. Once your class rosters are complete you can now begin creating your quiz. You can begin with a New Folder to save a group of questions on the same topic or create individual questions as an exit slip.
  5. There are several options when creating questions. You can select multiple choice or true/false. Four multiple choice answers are the default but you can delete some choices if you prefer. An image can be added to a question very easily as well. After you complete the question click Create & Save and you have made your first question. Simple! Add as many questions as you like to a folder.plickers 3plickers 2
  6. Before you begin your first quiz you need to add Question Queues to each assigned class by clicking the bottom of the question and selecting the class or classes you want the questions added to.
  7. Next you need to download the Plickers app for FREE from iTunes or Android store. The app on another device allows you to scan the room when students present their answers while you simultaneously collect data. I will explain more.
  8. Printing the answer cards is the next step. I suggest printing them on half sheets. This size seems to be the easiest for the app to scan. Click the cards button in the top corner to print them out. You don’t have to print separate cards for each class since the student is assigned to a number so save a tree and reuse. Laminating the cards is not recommended if it is glossy laminate, matte is ok but may reflect light and prevent scanning. This is an example of the answer card:plickers card

Starting the quiz

  1. Distribute the cards to the correct students according to the rosters.
  2. Log on to Plickers on the computer and click Live View.
  3. Open the app as well. Click the class that you wish to participate in the quiz.
  4. After you click the first question it will be displayed by the projector.IMG_2565
  5. Direct the students to hold up the card according to the answer.
  6. Press Scan on your device and scan the room. You will immediately see if the student got the answer correct (green), incorrect (red), or if it was not an option (gray). In the top corner you can swipe through the class list and see who you don’t have an answer from.
  7. Move on to the next question and continue steps 4-6 until the quiz is complete.

Reviewing results

Although you get immediate feedback on the students’ answers you can also collect a percentage and see exactly what questions were missed. Click Reports at the top of the computer screen and then click Scoresheet to get a excel type file to review the classes results.

How do I use this in the therapy room?

Plickers can be used to easily assess your students understanding of a concept. It would be great for vocabulary, reading comprehension, and grammar review. I used it with an idiom lesson to see if students were comprehending literal versus figurative meanings of the terms from a short video “Symphony in Slang”. Quizzes don’t have to be long but can give you quick feedback to measure the students grasp of the concept.

Please comment below if you have any questions regarding this Plickers. I would be happy to answer what I can.


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