SLP Link Up for September

I love linking up with other SLP bloggers to learn and share new ideas. All Y’all Need is hosting their monthly SLP Link Up for September. Check out what I am up to at the beginning of the school year.

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SCHOOL-ING: This school year welcomes a new Special Education Director and a new Assistant Special Education Director in our county. With two new high level positions, you know there will be changes. A change that I am excited about is our county’s first SLP Advisory Committee. Our county has 39 SLPs and SLPAs and it seems like we all do different procedures. We don’t have a SLP Supervisor so we have all been on our own. This committee will be responsible for deciding procedures and policies that concern speech-language pathology. I have wanted this for a long time and am excited to see its formation. Does your county have an SLP supervisor, an advisory committee, or nothing? I would love to hear how your county or district makes sure everyone is doing the same procedures.

EXCITED: FALL!! I love fall! The cool weather, the colors, the activities! Here in the mountains the colors are beautiful. It looks like a painting of green, orange, red, and yellow. I love taking our daughter to pumpkin patches, fall festivals, and hayrides. We have an annual kid’s Halloween party that she has been planning since last year’s party. My favorite flavors are pumpkin so I love pumpkin coffees, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin donuts, you name it I love it ! I can’t forget about my favorite thing to watch during the fall…FOOTBALL!! My husband is not a sports fan but I live for football season. As I type this I am watching the season kickoff to the NFL. GO STEELERS! GO WVU!

PREPPING: This year I purchased the Expanding Expression Tool (EET). I don’t serve many language students since I do the 5 minute kids program at my school because I am the only full time SLP assigned there. I wanted to pilot the program with 2 teams (one 4th and one 5th=9 classes total + a severe mentally impaired class, an autism class, and a mildly mentally impaired class) and I had some willing volunteers. After my initial training of the classes, the teachers seemed really excited to incorporate it into their lessons. I will do a post later about my in class training. I have been preparing their packets of lessons and activities. I hope to send them weekly tips and activities on the EET program. If everything goes well and progress is shown this school year, I hope I can write a grant and get the kits for the whole school.

TRYING: I don’t know how these SLPs are able to crank out so many amazing TPT products. I have just created a few and it seemed to take me forever. I hope to add more to my store this year but it has been a slow process. Any tips? Programs that are helpful?

Thanks again to All Y’all Need for sponsoring another SLP Link UP. I will definitely be back for the next one! Hope everyone has a great school year.

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