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This topic gets brought up in discussions among SLPs time and time again, Speech Homework: to give or not to give. For many years I did not assign homework to my speech students. My reason was first because they already have a lot from their teachers and second because they just don’t return it. Every year I reconsidered if I should give homework or not, why should I put forth the effort if only a few will complete it. Then it came to me…I should put in the effort even if only a few complete it because that is what is best for my students and that is what I am here for.

Speech homework is important to:

  • reinforce the skills learned in the therapy room.
  • show parents what progress the child is making.
  • help parents understand how they can help their child improve their speech.
  • help the child practice outside of the therapy room.

I started assigning speech homework a couple of years ago. The pages I send home come from a combination of sources. One is from Speaking of Speech, Materials Exchange. The creator of these great homework sheets to target articulation is Michele Ostrow. Check them out on this link. I also use activities from a book called Articulation & Language Activities for language and fluency students (this book is out of print).

On Mondays the weekly speech assignment is handed out. Each sheet contains 3-4 activities that can easily be completed in 10 minutes. The student’s assignment needs to be completed at home with their parents. The key part is AT HOME WITH THEIR PARENTS!! I ask that the parents sign the speech homework to show that they worked on it with their student. It is critical that the parents get involved in their child’s speech and correct them at home when the make errors. The students receive an extra sticker on their charts for each speech homework that they return signed.

I only get a few students who faithfully complete their homework but it has been worthwhile. The students who complete their homework with their parents have shown more rapid improvement in their skills and a better awareness of their speech errors. I love to hear the children complain about how their mom or dad ask them to repeat a word when they say it wrong. Please consider assigning speech homework to your students. Comment below about what experiences you have had with homework.



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  1. Thank you for your kind words. I’ve recently updated my homework sheets to include language extension activities. You can find the updated homework sheets on my TPT store…for free of course. Thanks again for the review 🙂

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