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I was inspired by all of the pins on Pinterest of Math and Science Notebooks to create one that my students could use. I wanted to have my 4th and 5th grade students keep track of the lessons and activities that we did in speech therapy so they could reflect on them when they needed a refresher. I decided that I was going to introduce Speech Notebooks to my speech therapy students.

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The Speech Notebooks are individualized for each student. They reflect tips, strategies, homework, and lessons that my students have learned to help them meet their speech/language goals. Here is an article that discusses the benefits of individualized notebooks .

One use of the notebooks is to keep track of homework assignments. I give my students one homework assignment each week. They can earn extra hole punches for completing the assignments with a parent or adult. I require the parents initials or signature as proof that it was done. In previous years, I copied the homework each week. That wasted a lot of paper and many students lost the sheets or just never did them. This year we are adding our homework to the speech notebooks. This will encourage the students to take the notebooks home and share them with their families.

I provided a spiral one subject notebook for each of my students. I added duct tape to the side of the notebooks to individualized the notebooks and to keep them from falling apart. Here is the link where I found the idea on Pinterest.  Inside the notebooks I attached the students Super Speech Reward cards. (See the link here.) Attaching it to the notebooks served a valuable purpose: the students only get hole punches in their cards if they bring their notebooks so this is a good reinforcement for bringing their notebooks. On the inside cover, after we discussed them, we added their IEP goals. I feel that it is essential for the students to understand what goals were decided on during their annual IEP meeting.

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This year we started adding content on the first page in the notebook but next year I will reserve the first 2 pages for a Table of Contents so they can find the information they need easily.

Articulation Speech Notebooks:

Page 1: Yearly Progress Graph: This is the page where we track progress through out the year on word/sentence/reading/conversation probes. The visual helps the students and parents understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Page 2: Speech Helpers diagram: The first few days of therapy we just talk about how sounds are made and which speech helpers make different sounds. I love using Meet Your Speech Helpers ebook from Home Speech Home (link here). It is clear and easy for my students to feel and understand how different sounds are made using this great resource. I print one of the diagram pages and we discuss how they should be making their target sound. We highlight and label the diagram to help them with correct placement.

notebook 4

Page 3: What do I do vs. What I should do: Next we talk about how they made the target sound incorrectly on the initial sound probe. We then refer to the diagram and discuss what they need to do to make the sound correctly. Writing down what they should be doing can be a helpful reminder when they seem to lose the correct placement.

Page 4: Homework 1: The first homework assignment varied according to the child’s session on that day. Some practiced their target sounds in isolation, some in words, and some in sentences. The information came from the words used that day. The students had to get their parents to listen to them complete their homework and then initial the page.

Language Speech Notebook:

I have given two examples of starting pages in the language notebooks but it varies in each notebook based on the students goals. I have the students take notes on the topic. I sometimes give them stickers or tabs to help them out. I also have copied the page from my notebook and covered up key words to allow students with limited abilities to take notes in a modified way.

notebook 2

notebook 1

For students who receive both articulation and language therapy, we put one set of goals in the beginning and work towards the back and the other set of goals in the back and work towards the front. I didn’t want the students to keep track of two different notebooks. They may need an additional notebook once this one is full.

I will be adding more information about the content we add to the Speech Notebooks throughout the year. Make sure you follow my website, Facebook page, or follow me on Bloglovin so you have the latest information.

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