Speech Reminders

Back to school time again!! Of course as SLPs this means scheduling, meeting new students, and planning the best way to delivery therapy. I currently work with 4th and 5th grade students and I encourage them to remember to come to speech by themselves. I motivate them with a reward of an extra sticker if they remember to come on their own. When they come by themselves it saves valuable therapy time and my legs from running all over the school.

I have tried several different approaches throughout the years. Putting the reminders in the planners didn’t work because they were usually in their desk so the students didn’t see them in time. I found what worked best was taping them to the top of the student’s desk (with the teacher’s permission). The next question was how to keep the child’s services confidential. I found a solution…


I found a template for business cards on Microsoft Word that is editable. I bought some printable business cards sheets. These work great because they are made of cardstock and small enough to place on the corner of the student’s desk without becoming distracting. I adjusted the template to my liking and added the student’s name, day and time of speech services. The business card sheets are perforated so no cutting.¬†Instead of laminating the cards, I used packaging tape to adhere them to the top of the desk. It is the perfect size to surround the whole card and protect it for the school year. Here is what my student speech reminders look like.


What have you used to remind your student’s about therapy? Please share in the comments.

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