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For 15 years I have rewarded my students for working hard during a session and for returning homework by placing a sticker on a chart. They usually had to earn 20-25 stickers to earn a prize from the treasure box. Since it is getting more and more expensive to fund the treasure box and the students are not impressed with the small tokens that are in the box, I decided to revamp my rewards system.

I have found that many of my students love to just spend time with adults. They crave the attention from someone who will listen. This year instead of stickers, charts, and treasure boxes I am using Super Speech cards!

super speech reward

I purchased a star hole punch from Office Max (so the kids could not punch the cards themselves). Each card has 28 spots around the edge for a punch. I plan on giving my students a hole punch for each “good effort” session, speech notebook brought to therapy, and parent initials in notebook. The students should be able to fill up their cards pretty quick.

I left spaces on the cards for them to choose what they are working towards as well as their names in case they get lost. I created a sheet that has listed  rewards that they can choose. I will also ask the students for input on more choices for the rewards. Here is what my Super Speech Rewards looks like:

reward page

One extra thing: Typically I kept the speech charts and the students got a sticker at the end of a session. This year I am giving my students speech notebooks. I am going to tape a pocket to the inside cover of the notebook to hold their Super Speech Card. This has two benefits: 1) I do not have to keep track of the cards, 2) the students will have to bring their speech notebooks to a session to earn a hole punch since the card will be in their notebooks. This will help them remember to bring their notebooks.

I hope you find this reward system helpful. Please share any reward ideas that you have used with your students.

3 thoughts on “Super Speech Rewards

  1. I love this idea! I have also found out that students love spending time with adults, even more than most other options. Mine have been most excited about the card that says “Eat lunch with your speech therapist”. I was surprised… even some of my older ones!! It feels great, doesn’t it? I also use a punch system to determine when students get their rewards… it’s a good, concrete visual to help them know how close they are to getting their reward. Thanks for linking up!

  2. What a great idea to tape them inside the speech notebook!

  3. I think in this increasingly frantic world our students live in, they need the adult time more than they need trinkets. Great idas!

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