Teachers Pay Teachers store

I am proud to announce that my Teachers Pay Teachers store is now open!!. I have added 7 items to be downloaded with much more soon to come. Make sure that when you click on the link below that you become a “Follower” so you can get updates of when new items are added to the store. As an introductory gift, the first 7 products are FREE. I only ask that you leave me feedback so that I can help improve my products and meet the needs of SLPs and teachers. I also have included a button on the sidebar of my website pages so that you can easily access my store from The Speech Place website.

Here is the link to the TPT store: MELNEWLOGO

The FREE products currently available include visual prompts for production of phonemes r, s, sh, ch as well as fluency techniques cancellation and pull-out. I also hope you download and use the Tic Tac Toe boards for r, s, sh, and ch that I have also included FREE on my store page.

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