The New Speech Place

I have worked in the same storage closet for the past 13 years. It was a nice room. I had a copier outside of my door, a bathroom around the corner, a telephone, and it was in a central location. The downsides to the closet was the size. I was limited to a group of no more than 4 and if someone had to move it meant the whole group had to get up to shift. I hated to close my door because the small room felt claustrophobic. Here is a picture of my old room.


This year my county underwent some major special education changes. As a result we had some empty rooms. Once I heard that the secretary’s desk was moving outside of my door I thought it was time to consider a move to a new classroom. My first move was to a class with a window and a separate storage closet. WOW! An SLP’s dream! But this room was needed for another class so I had to move again.

The next move was to my new permanent home-The New Speech Place.

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I posted pictures of my new room on a Facebook group and got a huge response. I thought I would answer some of the questions about the products displayed around my room as I give you a tour.

This room is located in a central location in the building and the sign outside says “Office”. Perfect! The room already had a large whiteboard, projector, computer, printer, and a Mimio (makes a whiteboard interactive). I love using technology so this made me very excited. The New Speech Place was also lined with cabinets and upper shelves on both sides. It is amazing storage! I was able to pack all of my things and eliminate my cabinet and bookshelves. Bonus: There is also a sink!


The wall next to sink looked empty so I filled it with three hanging displays. The first is the Expanding Expression Tool (EET). (Available in MY STORE for FREE!)  Next to that is the Articulation Growth Chart by The Speech Bubble SLP. Grab it from her store here. Make sure you follow her while you are at her TPT store. The last hanging display is for my students with fluency goals. I made this display to remind them of the different techniques  we will be learning about. The top of the sign is from the Color Me Fluent kit by Super Duper. It explains the three colors of the program and what each represents. A version of the fluency display is in MY STORE for FREE without the Color Me Fluent sign since that is copyrighted.


Around my whiteboard are a few other signs. Above the board is the signs for Colorful (Colourful) Semantics. If you are unfamiliar with this system click here for a description. It is great for teaching students how to write more detailed sentences and in the correct sequence.You can find your own set of Colorful Semantic signs in MY STORE for FREE.

Next to the board are two different sets that can be found on TPT. The first is “In Our Speech Room” by Jenna Rayburn at Speech Room News. Click here to find it at her TPT store. Make sure you follow her as well to stay updated on her latest products. The other is Speech Expectations by Tina’s Talkers. Click here to find it at her TPT store. Click follow me while you are there to get notified of her products as well.

I hope that you have found some items to fill your speech place. Please let me know what you have found useful.

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