Valentine’s Day Fun!

I thought I would share with you the activities I am using in The Speech Place for Valentine’s Day. I have found some great resources around the internet that I wanted to share with you. Links have been included for each. If you like these products from these SLP TPT sellers make sure to follow their stores so you can get notifications of other great products they have for sale.

First activity I have used with my articulation students is from Peachie Speechie. It is her Valentine Heart Challenge. The students are challenged to say 100 words correctly and cover or color in the hearts. I use this produce with my High Frequency Words for Speech Therapy list. 

Another activity I am using with my articulation students in 5 minute therapy is Speech Hearts Base Ten: Articulation Challenge from SLPTalk with Desiree.  I glues small foam hearts to popsicle sticks . I used 20 sticks and hearts and wrote 1-10 on the hearts ( 2 sticks for each number). I put them heart side down in a bucket and the students draw them out one at a time and say the words for that number. I have the students touch the word as they say it with the stick so they don’t rush too much.
Some of my students are working on basic concepts and receptive vocabulary. I am using this great adaptive book from File Folder Heaven, Where is the Heart?. This book has great graphics and repetitive words for easy comprehension. I combined the book with some activities on the iPad that I made using the app Make it for Teachers & Schools. Using this app I can make activities for my students to complete on either a SmartBoard or an iPad. The activities include matching, sorting, order, identifying, and many more. It is a great app with lots of functions.

Here some other products that I often use with this group of students:

Valentine’s Interactive Book for Describing/Listening

Where is the Heart? Valentine Preposition Book
Currently I have several students working on grammar skills including verb tenses. These two activities have been great for practicing identifying the correct verb and using them in sentences. Problem Solving and Grammar Valentine Freebie by Queen’s Speech and Verb Use Valentine Game by Christy Jones are great resources. I used Super Duper Holiday board and Decide Now app as a spinner with the Verb Use Valentine Game.

This week my students who are working on understanding figurative language will be practicing idioms with these great matching cards from The Speech Space, Valentine’s Day Idiom Cards.

I have a large group of students that have been working on describing nouns using the Expanding Expression Tool (EET) guide. I incorporated this activity from Speech Made Simple as we practice comparing and contrasting nouns to help them explain similarities and differences. Valentine’s Day Compare and Contrast is a great resource. I added EET circles to the Venn diagrams to help the students follow the guide when completing the graphic organizer. Valentine Compare/Contrast Freebie by Straight Up Speech and Cute Cupcake Category  Day -Theme Freebie by Twin Speech Language and LIteracy LLC are more products to use when practicing EET describing.

I have used these two great products in the past but not currently since my students are great with inferencing right now but I would definitely check these out if they would help your caseload. Valentine Inferencing (Freebie) by Carly Fowler and Capture the Whole Picture Valentines Inferences from Schoolhouse Talk are fun ways to practice.

I hope you all have a fun Valentine’s Day in your Speech Place. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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