Verb Charades

Are you ready to play? 2 words…action…game…Did you guess Verb Charades? You are really good at this game. Teaching verbs and their different tenses can be exhausting. It can be so confusing to students which is past, present, and future tense and then you add irregular tenses and their minds start spinning. We started plating Verb Charades to help them recall the different tenses and spellings.


How To Play:

On small cards, I wrote different actions like “run a race”, “climb a ladder”, and “brush your teeth”. I put the cards in a container. One member from a team chose a card from the box while the team rolled a dice. The dice gives three options: past, present, and future (2x each). The dice determines the tense of the phrase the students answer. Example: If the student selects “run a race” and the team rolls past tense then the team would have to answer with “ran a race”. The team will receive a bonus point if they can spell the verb correctly.

Hope you enjoy this game idea! Please leave a comment if you found it useful.

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