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I am happy to share with you the website/app Vocabulary Spelling City. Teachers and students in my school use this website/app to practice weekly vocabulary and spelling words but did you know that it also can be a very useful tool for SLPs as well. Before I explain how, let me tell you a little about the website/app.

Vocabulary Spelling City has two types of registrations: FREE and paid membership. The paid membership gives you access to more games, interactive flashcards, and the ability to track student progress. The FREE membership includes the ability to make your own list and includes access to lots of fun games. I use the FREE membership on the website/app.

The games available to use on your created list included with the FREE membership are:

Unscramble (Word and Sentence), Spelling TestMe, Audio Word Match, Alphabetize, HangMouse, Missing Letter, Read-A-Word, Spelling TeachMe, Test_N-Teach.

My students love the HangMouse and Audio Word Match. I love that the Audio Word Match because it gives an auditory example for each word selection.

Another great feature about the website/app is the included definitions and sentences for words that you enter. After you enter a word list, you are prompted to review and check/change any sentences or definitions that were automatically marked. I did change a few that I thought my 4th-5th grade students may not understand but most were acceptable.

The SLP Application for Vocabulary Spelling City

I created word list for my articulation students. Currently I have 13 target word list. My students like playing the different games to practice their speech sounds. This website/app can also be used to target curriculum vocabulary by simply adding a word list for a unit. This website/app can also be used for grammar. One game targets arranging sentences. You can use vocabulary words to create sentences so students can practice word ordering.  I am unsure if there is a limit to the amount of word list you can have under the FREE membership. I plan on adding more this summer as my caseload changes.

Parents can also create a FREE account and make their own list for their children to practice at home.

Students access the website through a link. Here is mine so you can check it out: https://www.spellingcity.com/Mplaceslp/

You can create student’s accounts through the website as well so they can access the site from the app.

Here are some helpful links to start using the website/app:

The link to the website is Vocabulary Spelling City.

The link to the app on iTunes is Vocabulary Spelling City.


The link to the app on Google Play is Vocabulary Spelling City.

Here are some pictures of the app which looks similar to the website:

vsc4 vsc3 vsc2

I encourage you to register with the website/app and explore this great teaching tool with a huge amount of speech and language applications. I would love to hear in the comments how you have used Vocabulary Spelling City in your therapy room.

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