What I Learned Week 2: Move It!

I am continuing my weekly post about what I learned this week around the web, around town, and around my room. This week I found inspiration in moving. Therapy is much more exciting when the students are up and moving especially for those that struggle to stay still.

Around the Web


Activity Tailor posted about 8 Ways to Use Painter’s Tape in Therapy. She wrote about some very creative ways to incorporate this product in therapy to address articulation, language, and many more types of goals. I am excited to use her idea called Race Track and Balance Beam to get students to Move It around the therapy room.

Around Town


A group of my SLP colleagues were discussing our favorite apps and one SLP mentioned an app that I had not heard of before, Matchability on iTunes. This app is FREE with in-app purchases, $2.99 full game. It is not your typical matching game. The object of the game is to make associations between tiles in the puzzle. The list of associations are listed on the side and include things like sound association, rhyming association, and categories. This app is great for category practice and upper grade students.

Around My Room


In one of my inclusion special education classes we have been working on categories. This week we used cards that had four pictures. The students were challenged to find which one doesn’t belong and write the letter on their answer sheet. After reviewing several of them in the classroom we walked to the cafeteria where I had sets of four spread out on the tables. On the students answer sheet a starting point was highlighted so as we walked into the cafeteria they each stopped at a different set of cards. The students rotated around to each set of cards clockwise until they had visited each station. Even the students who have trouble focusing on task were able to independently complete the task.The activity was a success! The students were able to answer correctly with 80% accuracy or better and without much redirection.

Bonus lesson: I walked around and had the students explain to me why they chose that letter on the cards. Several times their selection was not the category I was thinking of but they could explain clearly why it didn’t belong and it made sense. I had to look at the cards carefully as I checked their answers so I didn’t miss their perspective. It was eye-opening to see how they see things and not all answers are simply black and white.

What did you learn this week? How do you get your students to Move It in therapy?

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