What I Learned Week 3: Snowed In

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My What I Learned post has been delayed this week since we are snowed in! We got 40+” of snow and have not returned to school yet this week. I have enjoyed the time at home to catch up on small projects and quality time with my family. The personal lesson I learned this week is that I am not that young anymore and shoveling and twisting to remove snow is taking me longer to recover. I hope I never see that much snow again in my lifetime.

Since I have had some extra time to spend at home I have a few things to share in the Around the Web section of what I learned.

Around the Web


I am always trying to enhance my students understanding and use of vocabulary. I attempt to use academic vocabulary and synonyms throughout my lessons so at least the students are exposed to the new terms. I love how Hallie at Speech Time Fun has made a simple vocabulary sort to help her students sort academic vocabulary words into nouns and verbs. I agree with Hallie when she says ” It helps students understand when they know HOW to use the words!” I intend on following her lesson combined with Lyndsey at Speech to the Core’s Tier 2 Vocabulary Sets.

teach EET

Another great post I read this past week is from Shannon at Speechy Musings. She posted about how she teaches EET. I love using the EET to help my students expand their vocabulary, word association, and describing skills. I already follow her plan of teaching one bead for a few weeks. I also use a variety of other products and lessons to help apply the skill to other areas. I loved the idea that Shannon had to check for understanding. She takes 5 EET cards and has the students use that bead to describe the picture. If they get 4/5 they earn a bead that matches the one they were working on. Great idea for reinforcing and checking for understanding!

Around Town

This past week (before the snow days) the county SLPs gathered to discuss the countywide RTI program that we are going to be implementing. It has taken many meetings to develop this plan but it is finally in place! I learned from this process the power of collaboration and that even though we are all school based SLPs we all have different needs at each grade level. As a group we met to decide what forms we needed, what disorders we would begin RTI on, and what products we would use. At one of the meetings we decided that what elementary SLPs needed was different than what upper grades needed. It was great to see us decide on a variety of TPT products to meet our needs. I am anxious to begin the RTI program.

Around My Room

My school entered this decade with a major upgrade to all of our technology. Our computers were upgraded to Windows 10 and Office Suite. I love the changes that were made and it will help with our ability to access some sites. They also upgraded our wireless system. This week I learned another lesson in technology. I learned about creating a second desktop in Windows 10 which is helpful if you are using a Smartboard and you don’t want the students to see the tabs you have open like your email. I also learned how to open and close all of the tabs easily. I love learning about new ways technology can improve our daily activities!

Did you learn anything new this week?

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